Jumbo Mortgages

Are you looking to secure a large loan that many banks might be hesitant to offer? Contour can help.

Jumbo mortgages are a great loan option for home buyers who have enough money for a larger down payment, as well as a high credit score and low debt. You'll be able to receive more money from your mortgage lender than you would if you got a conventional loan, which is beneficial if you are looking to purchase a high-end, luxury property.

Some more details about getting a jumbo mortgage:

  • Secure a loan from $626,000 up to  $10 million
  • Luxury Homes/Estates
  • Foreign Nationals lending
  • Co-op and Condo specialist

Take The First Step and Get Pre-Qualified Today!

Pre-Qualifications are an important step in today's real estate market. They show sellers that you are qualified to buy their home and that your offer should be considered above other, less serious offers.