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The Best thing any home buyer can do in today’s difficult market where multiple offers are presented on the same property is to have a FULLY UNDERWRITTEN CREDIT APPROVAL.*
In this competitive market, it’s imperative to have the strongest offer on the table. A Secure Buy offer with Contour Mortgage can push you to the front of the line, exponentially enhancing the chances your offer will be accepted.

Take the first step and get fully approved with our SecureBuy™ Program today!


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Basic Pre Approvals vs. SECUREBUY

Basic Pre Approvals:

  • Partial underwriting; not a comprehensive assessment
  • Determined based on credit bureau data rather than verified documents
  • Valid for 30 to 60 days


  • Thorough underwriting process
  • Authentication of bank records
  • Verification of tax statements
  • Confirmation of FICO score
  • Validation of credit scores
  • Authentication of income and assets
  • Evaluation of debt-to-income ratio
  • Closest possible approximation to a cash offer
  • Valid for 90 days




Call today for your SecureBuy™ Approval

Still shopping?

  • Didn’t find a home yet? Even better! You can use your SecureBuy approval on “To Be Determined” properties.
  • You know exactly what you can afford so you can maximize your time looking at homes in your price range.

Ready to place an offer?

  • You follow the normal pre-approval process, only we take it a step further and get your documents fully underwritten to receive a commitment letter to present to home sellers for priority consideration.
  • Smooth closing due to less contingencies.
  • Greater likelihood of sellers to accept your offer when you present a commitment from Contour Mortgage.




How will multiple offers impact my credit?


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