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Increase Your Wealth With Investment Properties

Are you looking to purchase in a second home or investment property? The terms and requirements for one of these mortgages are a bit different than those for a primary residence, but you can still get a competitive mortgage by working with the right broker.

Financing for Vacation Homes

If you want to purchase a cabin, lake house, or second home for weekend getaways, we can help. These property types typically have mortgage terms similar to an investment property, but can still be affordable with the right mortgage.

Ready to Partner With You For the Long Run

If you want to make a consistent income with investment properties, it’s important to have a reliable mortgage partner to help you get the best rates on a consistent basis. Contour Mortgage is ready to help with all your investment needs. 

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Competitive Down-Payments and Interest Rates

Down-payments for investment properties are a bit higher than primary residences—typically at least 20%, up to 30%, but this depends on the rest of your credit profile. Interest rates are also a bit higher—usually over 5%. Contour Mortgage will work with you to find the best terms in each area so you can get the maximum returns.

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