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Published by Contour Mortgage on January 30 2017

Applying for FHA Home Loans: What Your Lender Should Know

Topics: Home Buyers

You will need to provide specific documentation when you apply for an FHA home loan or any type of mortgage loan because a lender will have to review your financial history to decide if you qualify.

A lender will tell you what documentation and data to provide, but you should know what to expect. That way, when it comes time to look for an FHA-approved lender, you will have everything you need to start applying immediately, which will make the process faster and more efficient.

Here's some key information that you should have on-hand if you want to apply for an FHA home loan:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Employment History
  • Credit report
  • Paycheck Stubs
  • Social Security Card
  • Last Two Tax Returns and W2s
  • Bank Statements
  • Investment Information

You may also have to tell your lender the types of homes and the price range you are considering. We recommend you get pre-approved for a mortgage loan as soon as possible. If you have already found a home, but have not yet gotten pre-approved, you will probably have to share the price of the home and the projected property taxes as well in order to qualify for an FHA home loan.


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