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Published by Contour Mortgage on November 08 2022

Contour Cares Celebrates Central Nassau Guidance's 50th Anniversary

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Together, we’re supporting mental health and recovery on Long Island


Central Nassau Guidance celebrated its 50th Anniversary with Contour Cares. It was a privilege for Contour Cares to sponsor a breakfast event for over 300 Central Nassau Guidance employees.


Dennis Jaeger of Contour Mortgage made it possible with a generous donation for the event. Together, we celebrated the success and growth of Central Nassau Guidance and the thousands of people served by the agency over the past five decades!

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Central Nassau Guidance is an outreach center for mental health and substance abuse clients. It was amazing and heartwarming to hear stories from employees who were once clients -- struggling, sometimes homeless, now proud to work with the same organization who helped them.


Contour Cares Mission is to:
● Salute our Veterans
● Partner with our Police Officers and Firefighters
● Connect with our Communities
● Support Our Scouts by Assisting with Projects and Awards
● Show Appreciation to our Healthcare Workers and First Responders


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