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Published by Contour Mortgage on May 25 2018

Pre-Qualification vs. Pre-Approval vs. Commitment Letter

Topics: Home Buyers

Buying a home can be competitive, whether it’s a buyer’s or a seller’s market. You may find the perfect property that checks every box off your wish list, but fail to act fast enough and lose out on the deal. Sometimes you may put in an offer, but the seller isn’t convinced you have the ability to complete the purchase, leading him or her to consider other prospective buyers. As a result, it’s important to show that you are a serious buyer and can get access to funds quickly.


While the terms "pre-qualification" and "pre-approval" are often used interchangeably, there’s actually a considerable difference between the two. Further, many people, specifically first-time home buyers, may have never even heard of a commitment letter.


A mortgage pre-qualification is the least valuable option. Although it shows that you have spoken with a loan officer, it's not binding in any way and could leave out information that would affect an eventual loan approval. This is because many pre-qualifications are issued without a loan officer reviewing the person’s credit report, which is a key determinant in the type of loans you could receive, if any.

The pre-qualification process is so informal that it can even be done over the phone, with the borrower briefly outlining his or her income, assets and debt. Therefore, the loan officer is not actually evaluating any documentation and can only make an assessment based on the limited information he or she is given.

Sellers will likely not be impressed with pre-qualified buyers, especially since there are more official approaches.


A mortgage pre-approval holds more weight than a pre-qualification because the lender actually reviews the borrower’s financials to determine if he or she is even able to pay back a loan. Such information usually required includes:

  • Credit Report
  • Bank Statements
  • Paystubs
  • W-2 Statements
  • Tax Returns
  • Proof of Other Income (i.e., spousal support)

Not only does getting pre-approved let a seller know you are a legally qualified buyer, worthy of consideration and negotiation, but it also benefits you in other ways. For example, it gives you an idea of how much money you can afford to spend on your next home, narrowing down the areas in which you should look in. Additionally, it doesn't cost any money or obligate the buyer in any way.

However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t wait until you find the home of your dreams to apply for pre-approval, as it could take some time. Instead, this should be one of the first steps you take as you begin the home-buying process, ensuring that you will be ready to make an offer when the time comes.

Get Pre-Approved Now

Commitment Letter

A commitment letter from a lender is prepared by an underwriter after thoroughly looking over the borrower’s pre-approval application.

This letter is official proof that you’re going to get a loan. It details the terms of this loan for both the lender the borrower, including the type of loan being granted to the borrower (i.e., conventional, FHA, etc.) and the amount of funds he or she is set to receive. The requirement guidelines are also typically discussed, as it breaks down how much money the borrower is expected to pay the lender each month, including interest, and for how long.

Out of all three options, getting a commitment lender is the most beneficial for a home buyer, as it proves that he or she is ready close on the property as soon as the seller accepts the offer.

In closing, if you want to win the primary consideration of a house seller, take the time to at least get pre-approved. You don't want to take the chance of your dream home going to someone else who had this valuable foresight.

Contour Mortgage is a trusted, local direct lender who can provide you with information and guidance so you can be in the best position possible to get the home you want. Contact Us today to find out how we can assist you.

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