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September 07 2016

Selling Your Long Island Home in the Fall

Trying to make your home appealing to a buyer is a challenge no matter the season. You may think that your home is....

August 05 2016

4 Reasons to Buy a Fixer-Upper

While some people prefer to buy move-in ready properties that don’t require a lick of work, others opt for fixer-uppers....

June 29 2016

6 Tips for Buying and Financing a Fixer-Upper

With cable TV shows highlighting both the benefits and the hardships of buying and financing a fixer-upper home, some....

April 20 2016

6 Tips to Help Sell Your Home

Most people dread the long, tedious process of moving and want nothing more than to buying a new home and get settled in....

August 14 2015

Home Equity Options for Increased Home Value

As real estate values have risen and stabilized, many homeowners are accessing equity in their homes through second....

May 19 2015

Top 10 Updates that Increase Home Value on Long Island

Selling a house for top dollar is the ultimate goal for any Realtor. Accomplishing the best return for your client – and....

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