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September 15 2016

Moving on Long Island? Here are 6 Qualities of a Good Realtor.

Choosing a realtor to help you sell or buy a home may seem like a simple task, but that isn’t always the case. Unless you....

May 12 2016

Why Use a Realtor When Buying Your Long Island Home?

Long Island is the home to some of the finest real estate, so even the thought of moving can be overwhelming due to the....

April 22 2016

Statistics Show Millennials Buying More Homes than Other Generations

It’s official. Millennials are all grown up, and though for a while it seemed like they would never be able to move out....

January 27 2016

Why a Long Island Realtor is Your (and Our) Best Friend

Being a Long Island Realtor is not as easy as you might think. Of course, it seems kind of glamorous, but the great ones....

October 29 2015

Realtors' Guide to New TRID Rules

On October 3rd, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau enacted the new TRID rules (TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure),....

September 24 2015

Fall Refresh for Long Island Realtors

Homes are so beautiful in the fall.

The warm colors of the season tends to be a perfect backdrop for setting the stage up....

July 22 2015

10 Tips for Creating Memorable Open Houses on Long Island

An Open House in the real estate business is an important part of a Realtor’s success. It could be a stepping-stone to....

June 17 2015

The Difference between Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Broker

Often times the terms “real estate agent” and “real estate broker” are used correspondingly. Although both agents and....

May 19 2015

The Keys to Becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent

Real estate professionals are a unique breed of businessperson. For some, facilitating the transactions between home....

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