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Mortgage News, Tips and Resources

June 12 2017

The Pros and Cons of Refinancing Your House

If you own your home, but think you can get a better mortgage loan than what you have now, you might want to refinance.....

May 09 2017

Top 5 Reasons to Refinance Your Long Island Home Now

It’s more than likely you or someone you know has refinanced a home on Long Island. A refinance—replacing your current....

January 09 2017

Can You Refinance Your Home with a Different Lender?

Refinancing their home mortgage is a viable option that many homeowners use when they want to reduce their monthly....

December 07 2016

Refinance Your Long Island Home For the Holidays

Kick off the New Year with a new mortgage.

The Holiday season is marked by warm get-togethers, seasonal cheer, and of....

November 23 2016

What to Consider Before Refinancing Your Mortgage

Before you make any important financial decision, you should always do your research. Refinancing your home mortgage is....

October 18 2016

How to Qualify for a Home Mortgage Refinance

When you're looking to refinance the mortgage on your home, you’ll have to provide certain financial information to your....

October 04 2016

Tips for Refinancing Your Long Island Home

Every year, countless Long Islanders refinance their homes. Usually people decide to do this so they can save money to....

August 02 2016

7 Qualities of a Good Mortgage Loan Originator

Choosing the right mortgage loan originator can be a tough task, but it’s a necessary part of the home-buying and....

June 08 2016

What Does it Mean to Refinance Your Mortgage?

“Refinance” is a word often used in the mortgage industry. Homeowners may want to refinance their mortgage for....

May 02 2016

What are Some Factors that Affect Long Island Mortgage Rates?

Mortgage rates seem to be in constant flux, so Long Island home buyers may be wondering what causes them to fluctuate,....

March 10 2016

Understanding FHA Loan Limits

Like any type of loan, an FHA loan is only provided under certain circumstances. It’s important to understand what these....

January 21 2016

When Should I Lock in my Mortgage Rate?

Part of the process in securing home financing is locking in your mortgage rate. Your mortgage rate is the interest rate....

November 24 2015

The Nesting Blog: Our Holiday Surprise

The impending holidays bring about a lot of feelings: nostalgia, excitement, joy. But if I’m going to tell you the whole....

September 19 2015

The Ultimate Guide to Refinancing on Long Island

Refinancing on Long Island can be a complex task. Information abounds concerning many of the different components....

August 24 2015

The Plunge of the Dow Spells Good News for Long Island Mortgage Rates

This week brought bleak news to those with their eyes on Wall Street, which took a serious plunge as investors....

July 29 2015

Should I Refinance My Long Island Home?

Historically low interest rates have caused many in our area to question: Should I refinance my Long Island home?


July 15 2015

CEMA Mortgage: How You Can Save NYS Mortgage Tax

The advantage of a CEMA mortgage on your home refinance.

The only certainties in life are death and taxes, right?

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