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November 18 2022

Contour Cares Races to Help End Cancer

Contour Cares participated in a race against cancer with the Empire State Bike Ride. We made a direct impact on the lives of cancer patients across the state.

November 14 2022

Which Loans Are Best for First-Time Home Buyers?

First-time home buyers may qualify for various conventional and government-backed loans, such as those offered through Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the Federal Housing Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Veterans Affairs.

November 08 2022

Contour Cares Celebrates Central Nassau Guidance's 50th Anniversary

Central Nassau Guidance celebrated its 50th Anniversary with Contour Cares.

November 03 2022

Types of Government-Backed Home Loans

Government-backed loans offered through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and Veterans Affairs (VA) can assist qualified borrowers with home purchases, and improvement and rehab projects.

October 17 2022

Can You Add Renovation Costs to Your Mortgage?

Yes, renovation costs can be added to specific rehab loans offered through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and more for borrowers meeting specific criteria regarding down payment amounts, project scopes, credit scores, and more.

Top 10 Things to Consider When Relocating with happy couple smiling and giving thumbs up
October 03 2022

Top 10 Things to Consider When Relocating

More and more consumers are moving and relocating each year for various reasons, such as employment, relationship and lifestyle changes; financial challenges; additional space; and other life-altering factors.

September 26 2022

What Are the Benefits of a USDA Rural Development Loan?

Borrowers seeking home ownership with a limited budget and income can find relief through a USDA Rural Development Loan boasting lenient qualifications, such as no down payment requirements, credit score flexibility, and lower closing costs.

September 19 2022

How to Navigate a Bidding War

Record-low housing inventories and more prospective buyers than sellers have led to competitive bidding wars characterized by little to no contingencies, “as is” contracts, higher opening bids and down payments, and more.

July 15 2022

5 Ways to Reduce Home Expenses on Long Island

With the cost of living increasing each year, many prospective and current Long Island homeowners are seeking ways to keep expenses down, such as refinancing, tax grievances, veterans benefits, energy audits, and debt consolidation.

June 21 2022

Top 10 Fun Things to Do on Long Island

With close proximity to New York City, Long Island is a suburban oasis of activities, recreation, cuisine, museums, beaches, and culture for residents and visitors of all ages.

May 13 2022

How Home Buyers Can Navigate the Spring Real Estate Market

It’s best to have all documentation, financials, commitment letters, and mortgage options prior to making an offer on a property in the current, record-breaking spring home-buying season led by bidding wars, pent-up demand, and decreased inventory.

man being handed signing papers for home sale
March 04 2022

How to Get Your Offer Accepted in a Seller’s Market

When crafting a strong offer in a tight real estate market, prospective homebuyers should consider competitive tactics such as minimal contingencies, earnest money, escalation clauses, flexibility, appraisal gap coverage, and more.

happy family in living room
February 17 2022

Which Home Loan Is Best for Me?

When researching and comparing the best mortgages for your needs, there are several options, such as conventional, government-backed, jumbo loans, and more—all of with unique requirements, features, benefits, and cost-saving incentives.

dad dressed in military uniform holding smiling daughter in front of home
January 04 2022

5 Programs to Help Veterans Buy a Home

There are various financing options available to help active and retired members of our nation’s military purchase, refinance, or rehab a home. These include: VA loans; Specially Adapted Housing, Special Housing Adaptation, and Temporary Residence Adaptation grants; and the New York State Homes for Veterans Program.

front of home with snow filled porch
December 14 2021

Should I Sell My Home During the Winter?

With this year’s winter real estate market again predicted to be one of the best ever, now is the perfect time to sell your home due to low interest rates, added demand, proactive buyers, increased digital marketing tools, and other trends.

skyline of atlanta georgia
November 10 2021

The Best Neighborhoods to Live in Atlanta

If you’re thinking of living in Atlanta, Georgia, important factors to consider include location, school districts, median home prices, access to transportation, local amenities, entertainment, and more. This comprehensive guide outlines all these, along with top-ranked neighborhoods, and more.

October 18 2021

How to Enjoy Halloween Safely This Year

To help make sure adults and children have a safe time trick-or-treating, we've compiled a list of Halloween safety tips. Contour mortgage is here.

couple receiving keys to new home and family standing in front of sold house
October 06 2021

Buying And Selling A Home At The Same Time

When simultaneously purchasing and selling a home, it’s best to evaluate the current housing market, understand your financial situation, examine contingency plans, and consult best practices for smooth transactions with both.

view of front of a home with leaves falling in the yard
September 14 2021

10 Reasons Why the Fall Home Market Will Still Be Hot

The usually tepid fall homebuying season will continue gaining momentum due to the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, more flexible remote work schedules, motivated buyers, additional space needs, and more.

backyard of vacation home
July 30 2021

How to Buy A Vacation Home

Purchasing a vacation home offers myriad financial and tax benefits, but it’s also important to review important secondary mortgage factors, such as terms and limitations, requirements, qualifications, credit scores, and suitable options.

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